Carved Wooden Signs


With most people all around the world spending more time at home due to the COVID-19, many are taking the time to make some changes. While some prefer a big remodeling, sometimes, just changing your interior design or adding a piece or two can make a substantial difference.

In case you are looking for a special piece to your home or even to your business to welcome both your employers as well as customers, you should consider small wooden decorative signs.

The truth is that these small wooden decorative signs have been gaining a lot of popularity. After all, they're a great decoration piece that can also be helpful. However, not all these signs are the same. Many are carved with a CNC machine to ensure that they last for a very long time. Besides, the stained background adds that ultimate touch.

Why You Should Use Wooden Decorative Signs

#1: They Are Beautiful:

No matter if you are looking for a coffee sign, a cantina sign, a workshop sign, or even if you want to show your appreciation for a teacher and offer a teacher appreciation sign, these small signs are incredibly beautiful. Besides, they tend to fit pretty well in any room, from the most classic to the most modern one.

#2: They Are Flexible:

One of the main benefits of using a customized sign, for example, is that they are very flexible. You can certainly choose the one that best suits your needs and make it look perfect.

#3: Durable:

Whenever you want to add an extra decorative piece to your home or workplace, you want to ensure that it lasts. And this is exactly what you will get with our small decorative signs.

As you probably already know, wood is a very resistant material. In addition, since we carve our signs with a CNC machine, you'll be able to see their labels even 20 years from now.

#4: They Are Affordable:

No matter if you are looking for a workshop sign or a teacher appreciation sign, the good news is that these are pretty affordable and classy. In fact, when someone looks at these, they won't even believe how affordable they are since they look a lot more expensive.

This means that no matter what type of sign you add to your workplace, you'll be adding a luxury item that is actually affordable.

#5: They Mix Well With Other Decorative Pieces:

One of the best things about these small decorative signs is that you can fit them anywhere. They can be generic or very personalized to fit you style, your room, or your lifestyle.

#6: Few Maintenance Requirements:

Another major reason why you should consider adding a cantina sign is that it requires low maintenance.

The truth is that choosing engraved signs means that you will only need to wipe them down with food grade mineral oil and sometimes board wax. So, anyone can do it and your decorative sign will look as new for years.

#7: They Can Be Customized To Fit Your Needs:

While you may not be looking for a coffee sign, a cantina sign, a workshop sign, or even a teacher appreciation sign, you can get as many small decorative signs as you want or need. After all, they are fully customizable.

No matter if you want to carve your small wooden decorative sign with a date, a person's name, or even slogans such as "free refills" or "open 24 hours", you can have them.

Cantina Sign

 A cantina or bar sign should be one of your first decorations if you have a dedicated area for your adult beverages in your home.  They come in all shapes and sizes and can have anything you want on them.  They can be carved, which is my favorite, or they can be laser engraved.  I've seen signs with raised letters that are part of the carve and I've seen raised letters that have been done separately and then glued on.  

Your cantina sign should give a quick snapshot about you and your cantina or bar.  What is the name?  Have you not thought about naming your bar?  You should.  It could be as simple as your first name and then cantina or bar after that.  Something like Joe's Cantina or Sammy's Patio Bar.  Whatever fits your style and idea of your space.  I like the signs that have the established year.  It could be when you moved into your home, when you put your bar together or just the year at the time of  ordering the sign.  Some are creative and state that it is open 7 days a week even though they don't drink everyday.  Free refills is another one since that shows great hospitality and is fun in nature.  Of course refills are free.  You wouldn't "charge" your guests would you?

Adding some fun but simple carvings to your sign is also great.  With a cantina sign, you want more tequila and beer with lime to be depicted.  I like simple carvings that are a rustic snapshot of the offerings.

Custom Coffee Sign

Custom made coffee signs are starting to be seen all over the place.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  The best ones, in my opinion, are carved into wood and stained or painted.  Some are fancy and some are more rustic.  The more choices the better of course.  Is there a choice of wood?  Is there a color choice for the sign itself and for the letters and characters?  Coffee signs for the kitchen should match your personality and style.  Personalized coffee signs make so much more of a connection to you and your coffee station.  When looking, add your name so everyone knows who is making the coffee.  Add your favorite style of cup.  Traditional coffee cup or a covered to go cup are good options.  I like to have a French press carved since that is what I make my coffee in.  If they are carved too deep, the details won't come out as clean.  I like to think of carving items from pictures as capturing the essence of it instead of trying to get a picture shown.  Another element is to have an established year added.  It could be any year you want; the year you started drinking coffee,  the year you moved into a new home or apartment or any other important coffee year.  Coffee sign decor involves more than signs, it involves mugs, cups, carts and stands, but it starts with a great sign.  One great place to get custom coffee signs is at AZ Rustic Boards shop.