Cantina Sign

 A cantina or bar sign should be one of your first decorations if you have a dedicated area for your adult beverages in your home.  They come in all shapes and sizes and can have anything you want on them.  They can be carved, which is my favorite, or they can be laser engraved.  I've seen signs with raised letters that are part of the carve and I've seen raised letters that have been done separately and then glued on.  

Your cantina sign should give a quick snapshot about you and your cantina or bar.  What is the name?  Have you not thought about naming your bar?  You should.  It could be as simple as your first name and then cantina or bar after that.  Something like Joe's Cantina or Sammy's Patio Bar.  Whatever fits your style and idea of your space.  I like the signs that have the established year.  It could be when you moved into your home, when you put your bar together or just the year at the time of  ordering the sign.  Some are creative and state that it is open 7 days a week even though they don't drink everyday.  Free refills is another one since that shows great hospitality and is fun in nature.  Of course refills are free.  You wouldn't "charge" your guests would you?

Adding some fun but simple carvings to your sign is also great.  With a cantina sign, you want more tequila and beer with lime to be depicted.  I like simple carvings that are a rustic snapshot of the offerings.