Do you need more business leads and more calls?

Is your business website struggling to get seen on Google?

Would you like to rank in the top 3 for a high number of your main keywords?

Do you want to learn the 14 specific page elements that allow pages to rank high in Google?

Would you like to spend significantly less money on your current advertising and marketing campaigns?

Think you only have a few main keywords? Wrong! There are many keywords that you can rank for that get high volume.

Many of the keywords are keywords you probably didn't even know existed.  

This works for virtually every contractor niche and service trade. Painting, flooring, tile, block, concrete, plumbing, electrical, etc.

I teach businesses how to create a Google friendly site. (New site or use your existing site as long as it's Wordpress hosted).

Are you a service or trade contractor? Do you do any repair work, new installations, or remodeling?

I have a specific marketing style/plan 

and I will help you develop a comprehensive approach to

online marketing. I  teach a system for businesses that want

to be active and ongoing with their  marketing.

My testing has shown that an active campaign,

is far more fruitful than one that simply involves

a website that essentially sits there and collects  dust.

I will show you how to get on page one of Google and

show you how to  actively feed your campaign with correctly

done content. This would be a niche specific, keyword targeted


This will work for most any service or trade contractor.



What this isn't:

  • It's not a traditional website that just sits in cyberspace collecting dust
  • It's not a set it and forget it site; it requires ongoing and continuous updating
  • It's not a website that requires expensive SEO link building
  • It will not work with your existing site unless you have a Wordpress hosted blog on your site.

What You’ll Learn: 

● How to find out where the traffic is before you try to get traffic

● How to know how much traffic you get each month and where it comes from

● How to specifically write a Google friendly description of the work you do

● How to "tag" your pictures so that Google sees them more specifically and 

increases your exposure 

● I will show you how to have a fully functional, fully operational and fully usable marketing machine

● This is not a Seminar, it is a sit-down Workshop. I come to your office and we work on getting you set up and I show you how everything works so you can move forward and dominate your local market through Google. We work together to get your site working for you.

The Discovery of this Method: 

While working for (currently still do) a contracting company, I realized that even though the large majority of our work came from commercial contracts, there was other work out there if we could just capture it.

I set up a website for us to add to our marketing. I knew a traditional site that sat stagnant in cyberspace and had the usual pages like our services, about us, contact us, and gallery, would not work for us. I built a few pages and we started getting on page one for some keywords. But, not every keyword.

I then refined the keywords with a few keyword tools. This improved our rankings again and then I discovered, through trial and research that if I build the pages in a very specific manner using 14 elements in the correct order, our rankings not only went higher, but also very fast.

The final discovery was that each page could be slightly altered to target a different geographic location. I'm still working my day job and building our site. However, I see a need for local service contractors to have a more impactful, revenue producing site. Every page and search example is from the site that I have built for my current employer.

The Power of this method:

I realized that this method is more powerful for local SEO than traditional SEO.  This is not traditional SEO.  Traditional SEO is slow and can be very expensive building specific links around each page.  With no link building and no cost for link building and no cost paying an SEO consultant monthly, indexing and ranking happens very quickly.  Even I couldn't believe how quickly this could happen.

What is Possible with this method:

It is possible to 

1. Publish a page

2. Get page indexed in Google

3. Rank #1 in organic search in 3-6 Hours

This is powerful! It is possible and I have done it over and over again.  Normal page indexing can take weeks.  I'll show you how to get them indexed in a few hours.
*Does not happen every time and there is no guarantee, but keep reading below for proof.

Notice the screen shot below. This page was published, indexed and ranked #1 in organic search in 3 hours. See the red circle?

This does not happen with every page.  Sometimes it is top 3, sometimes it's just on the first page and sometimes it's not on page one but can get there in time once Google settles in on where it wants pages to rank.

Again, ranking that high and that quickly doesn't happen with every keyword.  It depends on the keyword competition, search volume and a few other factors.

The rankings are keyword specific and the pages have to be built with a very specific format.

Fourteen page factors have to be done perfectly for this method to work properly.

Notice in the picture below; the screen shot was taken 22 hours after the page was published.  This is #1 in organic search. I did manipulate the page view so that the ad portion was not showing and you could see the keyword in the search bar.

Notice in the below image.  The keyword "parking blocks in Mesa AZ" ranks #2.  No page manipulation in this image.  Notice the red circle and this page was just published just 6 days prior to this screen shot.  

Notice in the below image a few things:

Page screen shot not manipulated

Top 2 positions owned

Google business profile to the right of the page owned

This page is 6 days old and ranking #1

This is page domination

How long does it take?:
It will take a good 4-6 hours to get everything set up and teach you my method.  There are some things that you'll need to do before we meet.  If you decide to work with me, we'll communicate those things before we meet and get started.

What do I do?
First, I start doing keyword research to see if there is a better website name.
Second, I look for keywords and show you how to find the best keywords with the best search volume.
Third, teach you how to write a Google friendly page that has text and pictures optimized.
Finally, I show you how to get all 14 page elements in place so that pages are Google friendly and ready to be found when potential customers do searches.

I won't just show you how to do this.  We'll set up 5 pages together as I show you how this works so you'll have a great foundation set up and ready to go.

My Cost:

My fee is $599.00  one time cost.  Pre-pay through Venmo or Zelle. Why pre-pay?  Once I help you set everything up and get it running, my secrets are shared with you now.  I don't have time to chase anyone for the payment.  
If you're worried about sending money and me disappearing, that's not going to happen.  
Once payment is received, then I will start doing keyword research to see what hidden keywords are available.
Please understand, I've spent years and thousands of dollars learning, testing, and discovering this method.  There aren't many people that know this method and from what I can see by looking at many searches and websites, I'm the only person who does it this very specific way with local services.  Therefore, by paying up front, it ensures that I only work with serious people.

Other costs directly to other vendors:

Website hosting: $20 to $25 per month (I use GoDaddy) you choose your hosting provider.  It must be a Wordpress hosted site.

Keyword tool:  $10 to $100 per year. We can start out using my keyword tool.

How do I get started:
Email me with the subject "Contractor Website"
text 602-284-3546
  • We'll schedule a time to talk on the phone or meet and get all of your questions answered.
  • If you're ready to start, I'll get payment from you.
  • Tell me your business name, niche and some keywords.
  • I'll do some keyword research based on your niche and keyword goals.
  • You'll need to get a Wordpress hosted site from a registrar of your choosing; I like GoDaddy. Install the free Honey code first - chrome extension (; it is a discount code finder and could save money on your initial sign-up at a registrar and many other sites.
  • We'll then schedule a time. It might be late afternoon from say 4-6 over 2-3 days or on a Saturday beginning at 9:00 AM.
Note: I will not work with other striping, asphalt, or seal coat companies.  Or any company that conflicts with my employer's niche.

Keep in mind, I'm still working my day job and this is a side gig so talking and meeting will have to be worked around my job.

Any questions?
text 602-284-3546

I hope to hear from you,

Todd Templeton
Gilbert, Arizona Resident for 21 years.

More Proof:

Search for Parking Stops:
Top 2 spots in organic search
Listing in Maps 3 pack
Page Domination

Search for Wheel Stops:
Top 2 spots in organic
Google business listing shown
Page domination

Image search for bollards:
2 images for bollards
2 images for striping showing up because of synergy
4 total chances on this search to be found

Get found without exact keyword searches:
The two images below are from the same search page.  The search term was "filled with concrete pipe bollards Phoenix."  I don't have a page that has that specific term and it still ranked #2 and #3 in organic search.  
Also, notice the images that are circled.  Three images come up in the same search.
That's two pages and three images with one search.
That is Domination!

Image search for "concrete car stops Maricopa AZ" came up with 7 images on page one. I don't have a specific page for Maricopa. That is synergy at work.